Success stories about our medical management and building design services

When it comes to medical management, building design, planning and development, and medical office space design, SPECTRA, Inc. has earned a reputation for our innovative, cost-effective services. Leveraging years of experience and coupling it with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we are well-positioned to help you with your building project. Below, you will find a range of testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Spectra, Inc. was there from day 1, to completion. Spectra not only constructed our facility to accommodate our new 'Out-Patient Based Lab' but they took the time to provide us with all of the needed equipment and know how to run it. Now that my center is open I am taking in the rewards/profits that the center provides and enjoying the free time I have inquired. I would recommend to any clinic interested in developing an 'Out-Patient Based Lab' to hire Spectra to facilitate the entire process.

Dr. Kaelin - Tallahassee, FL (2011)

We opened our Vascular Access Center three years ago with continued success - We are now enjoying the increased productivity/profits and most importantly the immense increase in patient satisfaction. Our relationship with SPECTRA has helped us keep our facility ahead of the curve.

Dr. Krishna Jain - Kalamazoo, Michigan (2010)

I am so glad to have built and opened our Vascular Access Center in June of 2010, my rewards started immediately on opening day and continue, both financially and personally. Thanks to Jim Hollenbeck of SPECTRA.

Dr. Rajasinghe - Naples, Florida (2010)

I would recommend Spectra highly for any of your medical construction needs.

I considered many options regarding opening an office based lab over the last couple of years. Meetings were held with several national companies that provide these kind of endeavors but they all had their own best interests in mind. I wanted a lab that would benefit my patients and my practice. I did not want to build just the minimum to get the job done. I wanted a lab that would be high quality, high functioning, and safe. Although I've been doing outpatient angio procedures for many years and had a very good idea of what I wanted in the lab, my time was valuable. Once I decided to build a lab, the variables were immense. I could have built it by myself, but it would have taken a tremendous amount of my time and effort that I thought would be better spent on caring for patients and planning on performance of the actual procedures. I met with Spectra twice and was convinced that they could provide what I was looking for. Throughout the process Spectra dealt with all of the subcontractors, and arranged the purchasing of materials and equipment. They made sure that no corners were cut and the job was done correctly the first time. I exchanged dozens of emails and phone calls and they were all answered immediately. The lab was finished on time and on budget. In this type of practice, the savings of just 2-3 weeks can make a huge difference to the cash flow and down time is a huge loser. By saving us weeks to months in the planning and construction process, it more than paid for any of their contractors fees and they can obtain discounts on equipment that ordinary practices would be hard to come by. As interventionalists, we are best at treating patients and not at construction and procurement. Our lab is running flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with the final result. I would recommend Spectra highly for any of your medical construction needs.

Ronald A Bays, MD - Saginaw, Michigan (2014)