Benefits, procedures, and medical management services from SPECTRA, Inc.

Striving to provide our customers with the best procedure policy development and medical management services available, SPECTRA, Inc. is well positioned to assist your facility in optimizing its operations and – more importantly – efficiently serving its patients. With years of experience handling vendor contracting, accreditation, payroll, billing and coding, and medical IT support, we will work with you to explore avenues that will streamline your day-to-day efforts and will help to implement positive changes in your practice.

Medical management services

  • Staffing determination to determine staffing needs based on the company’s procedures and available staff.
  • Staff hiring to investigate wage scales, place ads, and interview potential candidates.
  • Supply management that works with physicians to determine which disposables are needed and with vendors to get the best pricing possible on medications.
  • Accreditation, where we work with the office to determine if accreditation is a desired and, if so, to assist in meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Procedure and policy development to streamline the process for developing policies and procedures specific to your office’s needs.
  • Marketing that aims to build a network with area physicians to increase referrals, assist with ads, and improve vendor relationships.
  • Budgeting to make realistic decisions that aim to keep the budget within the means of the office, looking at staffing, labor, rent, linens, and more.
  • We can also recommend simple, accurate payroll and timekeeping systems to ensure that your practice runs smoothly.

Medical office benefits services

  • We assist with medical benefits by identifying the needs of your office staff and helping to find the best-priced insurance available.
  • We work with owners to determine what type of retirement pay would work best for them, then assist in negotiating terms.
  • We help you determine if dental benefits are something that you would like to offer, then examine existing plans that are available in the area.
  • We can assist in developing a paid time off (PTO) plan that offers an accrual rate that will keep your practice competitive in your employment area.

Insurance services

  • We will look at the needs of your practice and assist in finding medical liability insurance that is practical and meets the cap rates required by hospitals.
  • Our team can assist in training practice staff in billing/coding methods or find an alternative to in-house billing.

Information technology support

  • We will look at your computer systems to inventory what you have in place, determine what is needed, and locate an IT company that can meet your requirements.
  • We can look at the needs of your practice and assist with deciding which EMR is affordable and best meets your practice’s needs.
  • By interviewing staff and examining current procedures, SPECTRA, Inc. can help in determining what phone systems will work best in your practice.