Learn About Our Projects, Policies, and Equipment


Since Spectra opened its doors in 1997, we have been involved in a range of projects, including CLI clinic developments, and ambulatory surgery center developments. With our amazing team we have been able to help businesses realize, optimize, and complete their projects.

A few examples of our completed projects are:

2009 – Advanced Vascular Surgery and Advanced Venous Center in Kalamazoo, MI.

2011 – Vascular Surgery Associates in Tallahassee, FL.

2012 – Easy Bay Cardiovasular and Thoracic Associates in Danville, CA.

2013 – Flint Hills Heart, Vascular, Vein in Manhattan, KS.

2014 – Mid Michigan Vascular Surgery in Saginaw, MI.

2016 – Miami Vascular Surgery in Miami, FL.

2017 – Cardiovasular Institute of the South in Lafayette, LA.

2017 – Advance Cardiac and Vascular Amputation Prevention Center in Grand Rapids, MI.

2018 – Muskegon Surgical Associates in Muskegon, MI.

Policies and Procedures

Offering a host of medical management and lab consultant services, SPECTRA, Inc. takes an all-encompassing approach to determining the requirements of your clinic. When customizing your policy and procedure manual, we consider what you are doing and who you are working with to make sure that the end-product is best suited for the needs of your business. There are many factors involved in our process, including state requirements, procedures being performed, equipment and sedation used, and staffing requirements. Our manuals also cover inventory, including a general inventory part list and how inventory should be managed within the practice. A necessity to keeping your practice operational in the eyes of the state, Medicare, and the government, our team at SPECTRA will work to ensure that your practice is compliant, informed, and operating optimally.


As a leading provider of medical management and lab development services, SPECTRA, Inc. has vendor agreements with all the primary equipment manufacturers. With access to the best products available, we work with you to find the perfect unit for your practice. After our initial consultation, we price out and provide a recommended setup that not only works for your clinic but also fits your budget. We pride ourselves on finding the correct equipment for our customers without overextending their finances. Our team at SPECTRA, Inc. is here to guide you toward a solution that best suits your practices needs, your physician’s wants, and your allocated budget. We source equipment from Philips Medical, Ziehm Imaging, GE, Siemens, IDI, Stryker, Mindray, Biodex, Mavig, Cook, Bard, CSI, Boston Scientific, Cardinal, and Henry Schein.