An Overview of The Services of SPECTRA, Inc. Contracting


SPECTRA, Inc. Contracting provides help with commercial building development, medical office space design, and lab development – like CLI clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, Cath labs, and more. As one of the area’s leading providers of lab, clinic, and commercial development services, we are built upon the idea of providing our clients with knowledgeable, professional, and thorough building design and planning services. We are also able to provide additional consulting services, such as staff hiring, supply management, accreditation, marketing, and budgeting at the client’s bequest.

Since we opened in 1997, we have helped our clients manage and design the facilities they want, to deliver the services their clients need. Whether you are a small family practice or a large hospital chain, we work with you to understand your needs and to transform those needs into an executable, cost-efficient plan you can be proud of. Our experience encompasses more than just medical and healthcare clinics too, it extends into industrial, sports and recreation, large scale renovations, tenant buildout, and student housing. Our far reach in experience has allowed us to compile a massive amount of information pertaining to local and state regulations, permitting, and inspections to better help our clients.

Our process begins with consultation meetings to discuss your requirements and expectations. After we have spoken with you, we conduct a feasibility study and tailor a proposal to your specifications, as well as to the facility’s requirements. Then, we work with a landlord on leasing contracts and/or purchase agreements. This process doesn’t have to end after the starting phase either, if requested, we can continue throughout the construction stage, working to provide furniture, equipment, procedure manuals, and more.

At SPECTRA, Inc. our goal is to ensure that our clients’ building projects and businesses specificities result in a facility that addresses all their concerns. If you’ve been considering a new building or business and need help working out the logistics, we encourage you to browse our website, learn more about us, and contact us with any questions that you have. Breaking ground on a new facility or starting a business can be intimidating, but with the help of our services we you can ensure that everything is in order. Whether you’re concerned about proper equipment, architectural design, government registration, lease facility options, insurance, and everything in between – you can be certain that we will take care of it.