Start Your Practice off on the Right Foot with Medical Consulting from an Experienced Provider

If you’re opening a new practice – or expanding to a new location – you owe it to yourself to work with an experienced, proven provider of medical consulting services. Whether you’re a general practitioner, a specialist, or anything in between, you can be confident that the team at SPECTRA, Inc. has the knowledge, connections, and personnel necessary to assist you with everything that you need. With the ability to source equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers, you can rest easy knowing that your practice’s future is in good hands.

Providing a range of medical consulting services, practices throughout Michigan have come to depend upon us to assist them with startups, expansions, and redesigns. Whether we’re providing medical management services to assist with staff determination or we’re helping with information technology support, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients are starting their practices off on the right foot.

We follow a strict, proven process to ensure that every client receives the attention that they deserve. First we meet with you to explore options, after which we conduct feasibility studies on the options that were discussed. Then, we create a proposal that meets your practice’s individual needs. From there, we handle the early logistics: negotiating with the landlord, hiring an architect, and managing bids for the construction process. But, the process doesn’t end there! We continue lending assistance throughout the construction phase and even work with you to acquire equipment, furniture, and other necessities once your facility has been completed.

At SPECTRA, Inc., we’ve built our reputation around providing comprehensive, thoughtful medical consulting services. If you’re thinking of opening a new practice, we encourage you to browse our website, read about the services that we provide, and contact us to discuss how we can help.