Stay Ahead with Our Medical Management Services

Spectra Contracting offers medical management services in addition to our medical consulting and design services. With our management services we provide your business with streamlined procedures that can implement positive changes into your workplace practices. Our medical management services encompass business policies and procedures, benefits, and tech support.


With our medical management services, we provide your business with a multitude of different things, such as staffing determination, staff hiring, supply management, accreditation, procedure and policy development, marketing, and budgeting. When running a new business, it can be difficult to keep everything in order but with Spectra, we work with you every step of the way to make sure that you are getting the most out of it. With our policies in place, you have the time you need to concentrate on the other business aspects of your practice and begin working with patients. Our management services extend to equipment allocation as well, we source equipment from Philips Medical, Ziehm Imaging, GE, Siemens, IDI, Stryker, Mindray, Biodex, Mavig, Cook, Bard, CSI, Boston Scientific, Cardinal, and Henry Schein.

Benefits and Insurance

When you are building a business, it is important to understand every aspect of it including the benefits and insurance side. We assist you with benefits by identifying the needs of your office staff to help you find the best priced insurance packages. We also help figure what retirement pay works, as well as dental benefits and paid time off plans. Our team will also assist you with medical liability insurance and train your staff to handle billing/coding or find an alternative in-house billing method. Basically, anything that your practice will need regarding your employee’s benefits and insurance.

Tech Support

In addition to medical management and insurance/benefits assistance, we also provide tech support. Spectra will inspect your computer systems to determine what you have in place and figure out what else is needed, then find an IT company that can meet your requirements properly. We also find the correct electronic medical record (EMR) system to determine what is affordable and best meets your practice’s needs. We also help with phone services and help you figure out what would be best for what your medical practice.

Let Spectra Contracting’s management services guide your business to success! To find out more about our management and consulting services, contact us today.