Take Advantage of SPECTRA, Inc.’s Extensive Medical Consulting and Building Design Experience

When you’re thinking about building a new facility – or expanding your current facility – you owe it to yourself to take advantage of SPECTRA, Inc.’s medical consulting and building design experience. Having worked in the industry for over twenty years, we understand all of the challenging – and often difficult to identify – nuances of medical space office design. No matter what part of the construction, management, or development process you need assistance with, you can be confident that we’ll bring actionable, helpful knowledge to the table. In today’s post, we’re going to examine a few of the consulting services that we offer.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are essential to the success of your practice. When you need help blending short- and long-term goals into a cohesive plan, you can count on us. We’ll work with you to answer important questions, including, “Should I rent or buy?” and “How should I finance and apply my initial down payments?”

Equipment Allocation

Once your facility is built, you’ll need to outfit it with the necessary equipment. SPECTRA, Inc. is well-connected, allowing us to bolster our medical consulting services with equipment allocation services that source high-quality equipment from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Policy and Procedures

After construction and equipment, you’ll need staff. And, with staff come procedures. We can work with you to develop customized policy and procedure manuals that ensure happy employees and – more importantly – happy clients. Best of all, with experience working with Medicare and the government, we can ensure that your practice is compliant and optimized.

At SPECTRA, Inc., we’ve been providing top-notch land, business, and practice development services since 1997. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand an existing operation, you can count on us to provide the consulting services that you need to do so intelligently and cost-effectively.