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Our 27 years of experience and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction makes us well-positioned to help you with every phase of your project. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Spectra was there from day one to completion. Spectra not only constructed our facility to accommodate our new OBL, but they also took the time to provide us with all of the needed equipment and know-how to run it. Now that my center is open I am taking in the rewards/profits that the center provides and enjoying the free time I have acquired. I would recommend to any clinic interested in developing an OBL to hire Spectra to facilitate the entire process.

Dr. Kaelin

Tallahassee, FL

I am so glad to have built and opened our Vascular Access Center in June of 2010, my rewards started immediately on opening day and continue, both financially and personally. Thanks to James Hollenbeck of Spectra.

Dr. Rajasinghe

Naples, Florida

We opened the Vascular Access Center three years ago with continued success. We are now enjoying increased productivity/profits and most importantly an increase in patient satisfaction. Our relationship with Spectra has helped us keep our facility ahead of the curve.

Dr. Krishna Jain

Kalamazoo, Michigan

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